Mylo lifeguarding tech uses AI to watch over swimmers in pools

While there already are automated lifeguarding systems for home swimming pools, Mylo is claimed to be different. Among other things, it utilizes dual cameras and artificial intelligence to spot swimmers who may be in trouble.

Manufactured by Israeli company Coral Smart Pool, the main Mylo device is installed in one corner of the user’s pool. It’s equipped with both above- and below-water cameras, along with a water pressure sensor.

If the pool hasn’t been used for at least five minutes, and the cameras/sensor detect a person approaching the pool and then getting in, the Wi-Fi-enabled Mylo sends a push notification to the user’s smartphone.

Additionally – even when there are multiple people already in the pool – the device’s AI-based computer vision system is reportedly capable of detecting if any one of those people is in a state of “pre-drowning,” based on their telltale frantic movements. When this happens, the user is notified via a smartphone alert (which includes a live feed from the cameras), and by audible alarms which sound from wireless modules located both at the pool and in the home.

The setup is also capable of visually detecting individuals who remain motionless for at least 15 seconds while underwater. In this case, a louder alarm is sounded, indicating that a more immediate response is required. Even at night, if the pool isn’t lit, the water pressure sensor will still detect entries and respond by sending alerts.

Mylo's underwater camera has a maximum effective visual range of 30 ft (9 m), depending on water clarity
Mylo’s underwater camera has a maximum effective visual range of 30 ft (9 m), depending on water clarity

Coral Smart Pool

Mylo is available now for preorder, at an introductory price of US$999. It should ship next April, and ultimately have a retail price of $1,499. Coral Smart Pool does stress that the system ought to be used as an added layer of safety, and not as a substitute for human supervision.

It’s demonstrated in the video below.

MYLO your Virtual LifeGuard

Source: Coral Smart Pool

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