Samsung unfolds Music Frame: A blend of design and audio

Samsung unfolds Music Frame: A blend of design and audio

Samsung Electronics has introduced Music Frame, a new product merging art and audio to deliver immersive audio to users of its speakers.

According to Samsung, the Music Frame boasts a unique 3-way stereo speaker system that ensures clear and uniform sound quality throughout any room. Its patented wide-range speaker technology envelopes users in balanced audio, regardless of their position within the space. Whether streaming music or enjoying podcasts, users can effortlessly connect their smart devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to access their favorite content.

“The development process of Music Frame involved rigorous testing and collaboration to ensure both its aesthetic appeal and audio performance met Samsung’s standards,” according to the technology company which said that the technology was developed by its Visual Display Business’ Future Experience Design group.

The key feature of Music Frame’s design is its capability to deliver immersive audio without sacrificing its visual appeal. The speaker system was meticulously engineered to ensure high-quality sound output while preserving a minimalist design. This emphasises the versatility of Music Frame, as it can be placed either on a wall or on a tabletop. Users have the option to customise the displayed artwork, allowing them to personalize their audio experience.

Additionally, Samsung designers took into account users who may choose to place the Music Frame on a table instead of mounting it on a wall. Careful adjustments were made to the frame stand’s shape and angle to ensure it blends seamlessly into any environment without appearing too prominent or causing unwanted reflections on the panel. Moreover, considering that the rear of the product is visible when placed on a table, the back was designed in a neat and minimalistic fashion to maintain aesthetic coherence.

Samsung’s Music Frame aims to redefine home entertainment by combining advanced technology with elegant design, offering consumers a new way to experience audio in their homes, according to its makers.

Price: #588,000.

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