Odd, clever and crazy-light micro-camper trailers of 2022

This year saw the introduction of some of the most compact, lightweight camping trailers we’ve seen in our decades of covering new RV launches – a veritable forest of vehicle-based fast and light backpacking options. In fact, we set out to put together a list of the smallest, most innovative RVs in general, both motorized and towable, and quickly found it filled with smart, tiny trailers. The majority of these trailers weigh under 1,000 lb (454 kg), good for towing with small crossovers and cars as well as electric vehicles, and the smallest of the bunch weigh in around 500 lb (227 kg), light enough for some motorcycles and three-wheelers.

Some of them are rugged off-roaders suited up for shadowing the burliest Land Cruisers or Rovers into the depths of the wild, while others are simpler road tourers built to support the great American (or European, Australian, Asian, African …) road trip. At least one includes an RV box that cleverly decouples from its frame to work as both camper and utility trailer. These are our favorite teardrops, tiny trailers and micro-caravans of the year.

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