Bollinger Motors announces all-electric B4 commercial fleet truck

So far, Bollinger Motors has been best known for its electric pickup trucks. Now, however, the Detroit-based manufacturer has revealed its first Class 4 electric commercial fleet truck, called the Bollinger B4.

Announced this Thursday, the B4 features a cab-forward design. According to Bollinger, this configuration maximizes cargo space behind the cab, increases downward visibility in front, and allows for a relatively small 41-ft (12.5-m) turn circle. Chief product officer Kent Harrison claims that the latter is “better than any comparable wheelbase truck.”

That wheelbase will vary, depending on the intended use of each fleet. Additionally, the truck-style cab can be removed from the underlying platform, which can then be outfitted with other chassis to serve as a bus, shuttle, or other type of commercial electric vehicle.

The B4 is propelled by an 800V solid rear-axle e-drive, which is in turn powered by the client’s choice of one, two or three lithium-iron-phosphate battery packs. Each pack should provide a range of approximately 100 miles (161 km).

The Bollinger B4's cab can be removed from the powered platform, which can then accommodate other chassis
The Bollinger B4’s cab can be removed from the powered platform, which can then accommodate other chassis

Bollinger Motors

Along with optimized downward visibility, some of the truck’s other standard safety features include rear cameras; 360-degree collision-alert sensors; a pedestrian warning system; automated emergency braking; blind spot warning; lane departure warning; automatic lane centering; adaptive cruise control; and protective steel frame rails surrounding the battery pack(s) and other crucial components.

Bollinger will begin track-testing the B4 this fall (Northern Hemisphere), in partnership with fleet customers and charging companies that will provide feedback. More technical details, along with pricing and a release date, should follow thereafter.

The company also plans to produce Class 5 and 6 electric transport trucks. There’s currently no word on the status of Bollinger’s Deliver-E commercial delivery van, which was announced in 2020.

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