Sample file: How to spell page numbers instead of using digits in a page-numbering scheme in Microsoft Word

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Quick glossary: Metaverse

The concept of a metaverse, or a computer-generated universe, has been around for decades, certainly longer than when it was recently commandeered by Mark Zuckerberg in his attempt to rebrand Facebook as a new company called Meta. Massively multiplayer games, which can be classified as early metaverses, have been widely available to the gaming public for years. However, with the backing of several multi-billion dollar companies, the metaverse concept has now achieved a status in the business world that can no longer be ignored.

Over the next 20 years the metaverse has the potential to change the fundamental way humans interact with each other, employers, vendors, marketers and retailers. The simple analogy for our current level of metaverse technology would be: We have just jumped from the adding machine era to the era of the handheld calculator. The next step – a step that could come more quickly than most can imagine – will be to jump from calculator to personal computer and the start of the next digital age.

Knowing and thoroughly understanding the terminology associated with the metaverse will be vital to business decision makers as they assess whether a metaverse strategy will best serve their business needs and, if it does, how and when they will deploy it. This quick metaverse glossary from TechRepublic Premium provides a practical foundation for employees, managers and business decision makers regardless of their specific industry. Some of the terms listed in this glossary are brain computer interface, creator economy, decentralized autonomous organization, hyperreality, omniverse and self-sovereign identity.

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OneDrive Cloud Usage Policy

The OneDrive Cloud Usage Policy from TechRepublic Premium defines the practices and behaviors organization representatives must follow when using any Microsoft OneDrive Cloud file storage account to execute organization services, process organization data, or access or store organization information. Whether organization representatives access Microsoft OneDrive file storage capabilities using an organization-provided, organization-reimbursed or personal OneDrive account, all representatives must abide by this policy’s terms in order to safeguard the organization’s equipment, systems and data from unauthorized access.

The purpose of this policy from TechRepublic Premium is to define proper practices for using Microsoft OneDrive Cloud file storage services whenever accessing, connecting to or otherwise interacting with organization systems, services and data.

The OneDrive Cloud Usage Policy includes details about adopting practices designed to protect the organization’s information and systems from unauthorized access, use, dissemination and corruption. These details include never use Microsoft OneDrive cloud file storage for any illegal activity or purpose, no “nesting” cloud file-storage service directories, no personal OneDrive accounts on organization equipment, no organization information stored within personal OneDrive accounts, no device sharing when organization OneDrive accounts are present, OneDrive multifactor authentication is required, passcodes and passwords are required on devices accessing organization OneDrive accounts, disk encryption credentials are properly safeguarded by all organization representatives, and more.

In addition, the policy includes specifics about maintaining and monitoring policy compliance, what constitutes a violation of this policy, and a section for employees or representatives to sign, confirming they acknowledge they have received and read a copy of the form.

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Easy, Efficient, and Scalable Network Management

Auvik’s cloud-based network management software keeps IT networks around the world running optimally. By automating and simplifying network management, Auvik helps rocket an IT team’s efficiency and capacity. With the complete network visibility and control you gain with Auvik, you can truly own the network.

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Oracle Linux checklist: What to do after installation

Oracle Linux is certainly a viable option for anyone looking to replace CentOS. It’s also one of the best distributions for using with the Oracle Database. This is especially true for those users who tend to go the TL:DR route. In fact, I walked away from my Oracle Linux testing seriously impressed. The OS was fast, stable, and just as easy to use as any RHEL-based distribution.

But once you get Oracle Linux 8 up and running, what are your next steps? Can you just dive right in and deploy it to production? You could, but you’d be much better served to take a few quick steps before doing so. This PDF download from TechRepublic Premium shows you the steps.

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The #1 New Hire Onboarding Platform

Leave a great first impression on your candidates with a consolidated and modern hiring experience. GoCo automates your hiring and onboarding workflow so you can greet your next new-hire with a smile on the first day — instead of a stack of paperwork. Send customized offer letters with embedded e-signatures and benefits previews to give new team members a clear view of their overall compensation and benefits. GoCo gives you the flexibility to choose how you run payroll — bring your own or manage everything in one place with Embedded Payroll. Learn how to automate your onboarding today.

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