Motorized, self-leveling tripod takes the strain out of video shoot setup

Photo and video gear company Edelkrone teased its “biggest launch in years” in October last year, and has now revealed all with the release of the “world’s first” fully motorized, self-leveling tripod called the X.

Designed primarily for indoor shoots (and definitely shouldn’t be taken to the beach or out in the rain), the “ultimate motorized videography tripod” features a body and legs made from machined aluminum, and there’s a standard tripod mount up top for securing camera gear.

Onboard sensors allow the Tripod X to self-level the rig automatically, constantly monitoring and adjusting if needed. This function makes setup on uneven surfaces a breeze, and can be powered on via a button on the tripod itself, or via a companion mobile app over Bluetooth.

In addition to the self-level button, the on-device interface also features a small screen for menu navigation and status, a power button and controls for up/down movements together with faster/slower speed adjustment.

The Tripod X can support up to 20 kg of camera gear
The Tripod X can support up to 20 kg of camera gear


The smart camera support device can be set to a particular height – running from 34 to 148 cm (13.38 – 58.27 in) – saving the user “from the nagging knee bends to the tedious toe-tip stretches” while also removing the need to loosen and tighten various clamps and fine-tune setup. It can also smoothly move between two different heights at up to 120 cm per minute, to capture motion time-lapse videos – though users may need to account for the motor noise (up to 60 dB) during movements.

Those high-torque DC motors are rated to lift camera equipment weighing up to 20 kg (44 lb), while the Tripod X itself tips the scales at 9 kg (19.84 lb) and folds to 71 cm (28 in) in length with a diameter of 21 cm (8.26 in) for a relatively bulky and heavy carry. The electronics are juiced by an included Bosch 12-V/30-Ah power-tool battery for the promise of around 300 operations per charge.

The Tripod X looks to be a useful piece of kit, but effortless setup and user comfort come at a fairly high price. It’s on sale now for US$2,599, with shipping expected to take around two weeks.

Product page: Edelkrone Tripod X

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