New Research Reveals Up To 15 Times Lower Shear Effect With Hydra-Cell Pumps

New Research Reveals Up To 15 Times Lower Shear Effect With Hydra-Cell Pumps

New Research Reveals Up To 15 Times Lower Shear Effect With Hydra-Cell Pumps

Wanner today (13 June 2023) published findings of research showing that a Hydra-Cell seal-less, multi-diaphragm pump reduced the shear degradation in a polymer solution by over 90% compared to a plunger pump. The independent testing was conducted by a professor specializing in enhanced oil-recovery and transport in porous media at the University of Wyoming. The testing investigated how to minimize shear effects during polymer flooding.

Surface facility pumps often cause large amounts of shear degradation in polymer slugs, which can lead to dramatic reduction in production. Overall, the Wanner Hydra-Cell T100K API 674 pump demonstrated a marked reduction in polymer solution viscosity degradation, achieved by its low shear pumping action; significant savings can therefore be realized through lower polymer utilization and higher cumulative EOR production. 

Many of Wanner’s pumps have been reliably operating in the field for a quarter of a century plus; with the Hydra-Cell low-shear pump technology, these operators have extended their financial recovery of wells on polymer injection and seen an increased rate of return.

The Hydra-Cell true positive displacement pumping action and minimal internal losses achieve high efficiencies from pump shaft to hydraulic power; this, combined with the wide range of flow rate controllability, ensures optimum energy usage, freeing resources that can be invested into further improving efficiency and sustainability. Also, the pumps’ components can be constructed from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, Hastelloy, PTFE and polypropylene, which coupled with the flexible design makes repurposing easy.

Paul Davis, Wanner International’s Managing Director, commented: “Our priority is to help energy organizations run safe and cost-effective pumping processes; this research shows with our low shear pumping action technology, significant savings can be made in EOR polymer injection.  This has a huge impact on the efficiency and profitability of oil fields around the world, which is especially significant given the energy crisis the world is facing.”

Wanner designs and manufactures API 674 and API 675 process, transfer, injection and metering pumps for the energy industry; helping customers around the world improve their processes and reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

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