Riventa Makes Headway In Brazil With Superior SAS Pump Monitoring

Riventa Makes Headway In Brazil With Superior SAS Pump Monitoring

Riventa Makes Headway In Brazil With Superior SAS Pump Monitoring

Riventa’s expertise in optimizing the performance of pumps and blowers has seen it win important new contracts in Brazil through its partner in São Paulo, Toraqua Technologies.

A total so far of five public and private water companies are now benefitting from Riventa’s SAS (Software as a Service) model, where the customer no longer has to concern itself with the maintenance of hardware.

André Vizioli Gomes, General Manager of Toraqua Technologies, commented: “The market here is pleasantly surprised and excited about just how quickly they get instant information about how their pumps and blowers are performing. In addition to the real-time data, management reports showing, for example, where to make energy savings, can be produced. The sensors provided by Riventa are also far more accurate than what has been in use previously.”

Testing and monitoring as a service has been key to Riventa’s worldwide growth, but with Software as a Service (SAS) also now available, water companies in Brazil can identify savings quicker and plan maintenance significantly better from the data that is gathered on measured flow, efficiency, head and power.  

“Everything is faster, yet much simpler for our customers,” added André Vizioli Gomes. “SAS is the way forward for us. It provides an excellent insight that enables the water companies to make quicker yet better decisions – with advice and recommendations on hand as we and Riventa also view the readings from the software to analyze the data as it happens.”

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