Roo backpack opens wide to carry more gear

Most outdoorsy types select a backpack based on the amount of stuff that they usually carry … but what happens when they occasionally need to carry more? Well, in the case of the Roo, they just pull the backpack open and insert an extra bag.

Designed by Spanish outdoor gear company K.ngaroo, the Roo looks like a regular heavy-duty nylon backpack – in its default form, that is. It has a 20-liter cargo capacity, and includes features such as padded shoulder and waist straps, a ventilated padded back panel, a rain cover, plus various pockets and straps for carrying extra bits and bobs.

When the user needs to carry something more – such as groceries or gathered firewood, perhaps – they separate the zipped-on top and sides of the main bag from the back harness, leaving the two attached at the bottom. They then fold the bag back, creating a triangular gap between it and the harness – the size of that gap is determined by adjustable-length straps that run from the harness to the bag.

From there, they just stick a wedge-shaped nylon cargo bag inside the gap, then fill it with whatever they want. Those bags are being offered in 15, 20 and 25-liter capacities. There’s also a Roo Cage, which instead of a bag consists of open side webbing – one of its suggested uses is for carrying a dog, presumably one that’s fairly small and cooperative.

The Roo looks like any other backpack when folded shut
The Roo looks like any other backpack when folded shut


Should you be interested, the Roo is presently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. Pledges begin at €149 (about US$179), for a backpack and a 25-liter bag. Assuming it reaches production, shipping is estimated for August.

You can see the backpack in use, in the video below.

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Kngaroo Roo transforming backpack

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