500,000 Customers User Data Exposed In Breach of Taiwanese Company

500,000 Customers User Data Exposed In Breach of Taiwanese Company

Tyler Cross Tyler Cross
Published on: June 4, 2024 Senior Writer

Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer, Cooler Master, faced a massive data breach that affected more than 500,000 individuals.

A hacker, named Ghostr, bragged to investigators with Bleeping Computer that he hacked Cooler Master’s Fanzone websites systems on May 18 and downloaded their linked databases. He stole over 103 GB of sensitive user data, affecting over 500,000 customers.

Ghostr shared data samples to justify his claims. Unfortunately, the data samples he provided were accurate and up-to-date. While there’s no telling if his claims are completely accurate, they seem to be.

The data in the samples contained employee information, product information, customer emails, names, addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays. The hacker told Bleeping Computer that he also obtained partial payment info, but none of the samples contained any. Currently. it’s unknown if payment details were affected.

The hacker stated that he was selling the information online but didn’t mention where or how expensive it would be. With details for more than 500,000 customers, there will no doubt be a buyer if it is indeed sold online.

“We can confirm on May 19, Cooler Master experienced a data breach involving unauthorized access to customer data,” explains a Cooler Master spokesman. “We immediately alerted the authorities, who are actively investigating the breach.

“Additionally, we have engaged top security experts to address the breach and implement new measures to prevent future incidents. These experts have successfully secured our systems and enhanced our overall security protocols.”

The company is currently notifying customers of the incident and working on fixing the vulnerabilities that led to the attack. Not many details are known at the moment.

Anyone with a Fanzone website should immediately change their passwords and use data breach monitoring tools to make sure your data doesn’t turn up for sale on a shady forum.

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