80-in-1 titanium multitool stack splits into magnetic utility cards

With a “more is more” approach to its latest offering on Kickstarter, London-based Gadget On has packed everything from a sundial clock to a SIM card ejector into its new TitanSpin multitool. And, oh yeah, the whole thing is also a fidget spinner.

Finding the right multitool can be a bit tricky. You might be a cyclist who needs biking-specific help in the form of spoke wrenches and a chain tool. Or you might be a camper in need of the occasional fork and knife.

Recognizing the need for a multitool that satisfies its owner, Gadget On has developed a modular offering, akin to the customizable Flex tool we wrote about last month.

For its offering though, rather than packing tools into a pocket-knife-style layout, Gadget On has turned to a series of titanium cards, each measuring a little smaller than a credit card. Each card contains a variety of tools along with a magnetic ring in the middle that is attracted to the magnets in other cards. At the center of the magnetic hole is a spinner that lets you twirl your stack of cards like a fidget spinner toy.

When all five cards are assembled, the TitanSpin weighs in at 4.41 oz (125 g)
When all five cards are assembled, the TitanSpin weighs in at 4.41 oz (125 g)

Gadget On

The cards, all made from grade 5 titanium using CNC machining, are organized by theme. The Daily Dynamo is the base card with the spinner attached and offers a range of wrenches, the aforementioned SIM ejector pin, a bottle opener, saw blade and even a protractor, which can take advantage of the device’s ability to spin.

The Outdoor Odyssey has tools that are a bit more oriented toward well, outdoor lovers, including spoke wrenches, a straight-edge knife, a saw and more.

The Tech Titan features slots that hold SIM cards, another ejector tool, a tiny Phillips-head screwdriver, memory card holders and other functions that help deal with all things tech.

The Survival Specialist has a built-in signal mirror, a sundial compass, a dot-dash rendering of the Morse code SOS signal, oxygen tank wrench and more.

Finally, the Angler’s Ally equips fisherfolk with a hook releaser, line cutter and holder, scale remover, and of course, a bottle opener.

Some functions like the protractor and serrated knife are duplicated across the cards, so putting the right set together could get a little tricky. Of course, you could just buy all five and either take the whole little chunk with you when heading out into the world, or just grab the card that fits that day’s activities.

Stacking cards in your order can quickly add up though. Right now on Kickstarter, where the TitanSpin has already more than tripled its £8,000 (about US$10,000) goal, you can get the Daily Dynamo card for an early bird pledge of £45 (about US$56). The base card plus any two others will run £108 (about US$136), while the full set of five cards comes in at a relatively pricey £168 (about US$211). Those pledge levels go up a bit after the early bird offerings are gone.

This appears to be Gadget On’s first Kickstarter effort, so the usual cautions apply should you decide to back the project. If all goes well, the company says the TitanSpin will begin shipping in September.

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