Adidas’ new 3D-printed sunglasses weigh just 20 grams

Although you may not give much thought to the weight of your sports sunglasses, you likely would notice if they were exceptionally light. Adidas’ new 3D-printed specs certainly fit the bill, as they reportedly tip the scales at a mere 20 grams (0.7 oz).

Made in partnership with Italy’s Marcolin Group eyewear company, the 3D CMPT sunglasses feature a lattice-like flexible nylon frame that’s printed in one piece utilizing “the newest generation of 3D printers” – the exact printing process isn’t being disclosed.

The frame also features a rubberized coating, along with no-slip contact points on the nose pads and arm ends.

Built into the frame is a UV-blocking Adidas Base 7 polycarbonate lens, which is claimed to provide high visual definition in all weather conditions while also protecting the eyes from obstacles and reducing eye fatigue. It’s a brown-tinted lens, with a silver mirror coating on the front.

The 3D CMPTs will initially be manufactured in a limited run of 150 units, which will be available via the company website to members of Adidas’ Creators Club for one week starting Aug. 23rd. Another limited run will follow, which will be available to the general public. The glasses will be priced at US$415.

Source: Adidas

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