AGV Tourmodular flip-face helmet has zero dynamic weight on the highway

AGV’s ultra-lightweight Sportmodular helmet is still my all-time favorite flip-face brain bucket, and the company has backed it up with a more affordable Tourmodular lid focused on longer rides, with the option to add an integrated Cardo comms unit.

Where the Sportmodular is ridiculously light, starting at just 1,295 g (45.6 oz), the Tourmodular is roughly middle-of-the-pack at a claimed 1,620 g (57 oz) thanks to a carbon-aramid-fiberglass construction where the sporty one goes for full carbon.

But many of the things that make the Sportmodular special carry over to this more accessible new lid: the reversible, sweat-wicking Ritmo/Shalimar liner with its warmer and cooler sides; the enormous visor opening, allowing a massive 190 degrees of horizontal vision and 85 degrees of vertical; the top-shelf Pinlock 120 anti-fog insert; the flip-down fighter pilot sun visor; and the micro-opening system that lets a bit of air in when you need it, without unlocking it from the closed position.

Homologation-tested in both chin-down and chin-up modes
Homologation-tested in both chin-down and chin-up modes


It might weigh your noggin down a little more at a standstill than its lightweight big brother, but AGV has designed it to have a dynamic weight of zero at 130 km/h (80 mph) on the highway thanks solely to aerodynamics. One hopes this effect doesn’t vary with the square of speed; I know some pretty fast touring types that probably don’t want their heads pulled off by a helmet trying to achieve takeoff.

AGV says it’s tested this helmet up to P/J homologation standards even with the chin guard flipped up. That strikes me as a good idea, I only ever flip the chin guard down when I have to, and I know I’m not alone.

The Tourmodular is also the first helmet set up to take a specially-designed “AGV Insyde” integrated Bluetooth communications system designed in conjunction with Cardo. That means it’ll have a lot of the same capabilities as Cardo’s top-shelf Packtalk units, including self-healing dynamic mesh intercom connections between up to 15 riders, spread out over up to 6 km (3.7 miles).

If you look real close near the neck there, you'll see the integrated communications system
If you look real close near the neck there, you’ll see the integrated communications system


Where the Sportmodular starts at US$749, the new Tourmodular is considerably more approachable at $599 – well, until you add $329 for the intercom, but then it’s absolutely lovely having a comms unit that’s built right into your helmet rather than hanging off the side like an electronic colostomy bag.

Check out a video below.

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