ayoba: MTN Group targets 100m users by 2025

ayoba: MTN Group targets 100m users by 2025

South Africa’s MTN Group says it is planning to grow the user base of ayoba, the telecoms giant’s multi-service app, into 100 million active users by 2025.

Mr. Burak Akinci, CEO of the ayoba business unit of the telecoms group says that MTN is already on the journey towards achieving the goal of expanding the app’s user base across its footprints.

MTN Group, owners of MTN Nigeria, the largest mobile phone company in the country, which says it is building ayoba to become an “African super-app” recently announced that the app crossed 20 million monthly active users “represents growth of 100% compared to the 10 million monthly active users recorded at the same time last year.”

Mr. Burak Akinci, ayoba CEO.

ayoba, which available for download globally to both MTN and non-MTN customers, allows users to chat, call, follow localised content channels and functions as micro-apps, also allows users to play games and listen to music, Akinci says.

“ayoba is an app designed to deliver its uses a variety of services. We are building ayoba on three pillars: communication suite: that’s where our users can chat, can make a voice call, can make a video call, share their status, stay connected to life and to their loved ones,’ he says.

“The second pillar is the content. This is where we differentiate from other communication services. ayoba has local content and also global content,” Akinci adds.

“The third pillar,” the ayoba CEO adds, “is the third-party services. We call them micro-apps where other service providers create their own services, maybe a live version of their existing apps to reach ayoba users and access to that audience.” 

According to Akinci, “our goal as ayoba is to be the super app of Africa: communication, content, and micro apps will be our multifunctionality. But of course, in starting off, you need to win the hearts of a lot of users. So our goal is to create that platform and have a 100 million users by the end of 2025.”

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