Badger Meter Launches BlueEdge™

Badger Meter Launches BlueEdge™

Designed to meet the changing needs of water utilities and industrial customers worldwide, BlueEdge™ addresses common challenges in water management, including distribution network monitoring, environmental monitoring, drinking water treatment, customer water usage, HVAC systems, industrial processes, wastewater and facilities operation.

The future of water management is here. Discover your Edge with BlueEdge™.

Flow Control and Measurement within the Wastewater Sector.

Wastewater treatment facilities feature complex operational processes requiring a versatile range of flow measurement and control solutions designed to conserve water, increase regulatory compliance and safeguard water quality, people and the environment. 

From individual monitors to multiparameter measurement, the flow monitoring solutions offered through the BlueEdge™ portfolio deliver continuous and proactive monitoring using the latest liquid monitoring protocols. Whether used on influent or effluent streams, our electromagnetic and ultrasonic solutions are designed to meet the challenges of the modern wastewater industry and offer enhanced measurements in flow level and volume, providing consistently accurate data to improve operational standards, reduce costs and increase plant functionality.

Discover how one BlueEdge™ solution allowed a municipality in Illinois to optimize lift station operation on their wastewater treatment facility and how the simple installation and non-intrusive operation of the TFX-5000 Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter led to increased efficiency and a substantial reduction in operating costs. Continue reading in the following case study.

Badger Meter is delighted to offer an extended portfolio of MCERTS certified BlueEdge™ solutions.

The ModMAG™M5000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter has now also proved its worth and, having flown through the rigorous series of required tests, will join the M2000 as the newest member of the Badger Meter family to be awarded MCERTS certification.

The UK environment agency established its Monitoring Certification Scheme to ensure high quality environmental measurements and provide the framework for the safe monitoring of trade and sewage effluent.

This exciting development means that the UK wastewater sector is now able to further benefit from our leading-edge range of BlueEdge solutions, combining technology, software and support services specific to each individual application and putting Badger Meter at the forefront of the wastewater industry as it moves to protect the Earth’s most precious resource.

Flow Measurement and Industrial Process.

Flow control and measurement plays a vital role in industrial processes for the consistent delivery of quality control and process monitoring and optimization. Our comprehensive range of robust, real time and reliable instrumentation provides dependable solutions that are simple to install and maintain and create safe areas of work, delivering increased regulatory compliance.

Our exceptionally durable and accurate flow meters are available in a range of metering technologies, materials and sizes, providing cost effective, industry compliant solutions for industrial fluids that fulfil international industry standards. At the forefront of industrial measurement technology, our unique range of flexible solutions for industrial processes can be tailor-made through BlueEdge™ to suit each individual industrial application, providing accurate flow measurement and actionable data for the most demanding and challenging environments.

When a Swedish food manufacturer required a high precision solution for their dosing unit to monitor the viscous fluids used throughout their industrial processes, they turned to Badger Meter for a solution.

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