Battery Virtual Power Plant launches to help with electricity grid stability

Smart energy tech developer SolarEdge is inviting thousands of home battery owners to join Britain’s first Battery Virtual Power Plant, where stored energy will be used to help stabilize the grid during peak demand events.

Back in November 2022, Britain’s electricity system operator got the green light from the energy regulator for a scheme that offers financial incentives to businesses and the public to reduce their electricity usage at certain times in a bid to help the National Grid better cope with peak demand during the UK winter.

The Battery Virtual Power Plant has been launched in partnership with Smart Metering Systems Plc to support this effort by having SolarEdge Home Battery owners utilize stored battery energy from solar installations during such pre-scheduled demand events, and get paid for doing so. Those who also have an eligible export meter can earn extra by offloading excess energy to the grid.

“With the residential solar and storage market in Great Britain rapidly growing, we believe the DFS Battery Virtual Power Plant can help further accelerate adoption by providing homeowners with an additional revenue generator,” said SolarEdge’s Christelle Barnes. “Homeowners can sit back and passively earn more income without having to even change their energy consumption. With electricity prices continuing to soar, the financial business case for solar and storage becomes even more attractive.”

SolarEdge solar and battery system owners in Great Britain can join the Battery Virtual Power Plant scheme until February 19. The National Grid ESO Demand Flexibility Service is due to run until March 31.

Source: SolarEdge

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