Bitdefender’s VPN Gets an App Traffic Optimizer Feature for Windows

Bitdefender’s VPN Gets an App Traffic Optimizer Feature for Windows

Tyler Cross Tyler Cross
Published on: February 22, 2023
Bitdefender’s VPN Gets an App Traffic Optimizer Feature for Windows

Bitdefender recently released a new feature that aims to optimize the connection speeds of its VPN by allowing you to prioritize which apps are allocated the bulk of your traffic.

A VPN normally secures your traffic by rerouting your data through an encrypted server. While using these methods is highly secure, it slows down your connection speed. This slowdown gets worse with each app you have open — especially while using anything bandwidth intensive like streams, games, and torrents.

Traditionally, if an app starts to lag, a user would have to manually close other apps or use additional features to route only some of their apps through their VPN. This means there are some situations where a user will have to sacrifice privacy for connection speeds.

Bitdefender’s new App Traffic Optimizer Feature lets users select which apps they want to get prioritized over others. For example, if you’re downloading a P2P file but it’s downloading very slowly, you can prioritize that app through the VPN for better connection speeds without sacrificing your privacy.

Background apps will be automatically disabled while running the chosen program, which would allow someone to run different programs without being interrupted by closing apps or configuring settings.

This feature is currently only available on Windows, but is included in the newest versions of the Bitdefender VPN client.

It’s important to remember to reconnect to the VPN after you turn the feature on, and when you add or remove apps from your priority list.

“If you ever felt that sometimes your VPN places an unnecessary burden on your connection and slowdowns constantly get in your way, there might be a better answer than disconnecting,” Bitdefender said in a blog post about the release of App Traffic Optimizer. “Bitdefender VPN’s App Traffic Optimizer lets you prioritize traffic to the most important apps on your device without exposing your connection to privacy hazards.”

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