Bonbowl is a high-tech take on the humble hotplate

For decades, people without access to kitchens (such as college students) have cooked meals on portable electric hotplates. The Bonbowl gives that concept a modern makeover, by incorporating faster, more efficient induction heating technology.

Putting it very basically, induction heating utilizes a rapidly alternating magnetic field to produce eddy currents, which in turn generate heat in an electrically conductive object such as a steel pot or pan. Among its attributes are the facts that it generates heat much quicker than gas or electric burners, it uses less power, plus the heat is only generated within the conductive object – the cooking surface itself remains cool to the touch.

While full-size ovens with induction heating cooktops have been around for some time now, in 2019 entrepreneur Mike Kobida set out to apply the technology to a portable system. Two years later, the Bonbowl is the result.

Bonbowl buyers can choose between an uncoated or non-stick bowl
Bonbowl buyers can choose between an uncoated or non-stick bowl


The device comes with a dishwasher-safe, double-walled, single-serving stainless steel bowl, which meals are both cooked in and eaten out of. Users can either figure things out for themselves, or follow one of a number of included recipes – these reportedly incorporate easily-available ingredients, and can be cooked in 15 minutes or less.

Cooking times and temperatures are input via a tempered glass touch-sensitive interface. Temperature sensors within the device proceed to detect when the bowl has reached the target temperature, and then keep it there. The bowl’s double-walled design keeps its outside from getting too hot, so users can pick it up without burning their hands.

Should you be interested, the Bonbowl is available now with either an uncoated or non-stick bowl, priced at US$149. It’s demonstrated in the video below.

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Bonbowl – Induction Cooktop to Cook for One

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