Cabin on stilts offers tiny living space and big views

We see a lot of tiny houses on wheels but Quebec-based firm Repère Boréal has put one on stilts with its Uhu micro cabin. Located in a picturesque spot in rural Canada, the dwelling is raised 10 m (almost 33 ft) above the forest floor and features a very compact interior that ensures the focus is on the beautiful view.

The Uhu (or Owl in the Innu language) is finished in wood and metal, and is accessed using a separate spiral staircase and a connecting footbridge. We’ve no word on the exact dimensions inside, though it’s clearly very small and the space is dominated by its generous glazing. Skylights also increase the available natural light inside.

The interior is mostly taken up by a combined living/dining/bathroom area. Repère Boréal has installed a compact kitchenette with a fridge, microwave, two-burner electric stove, a small oven, a sink, and cabinetry. Nearby is a glass-enclosed shower – so there’s not much privacy if you’re sharing the space with someone else – plus a separate toilet next to that. A double bed is situated near a floor-to-ceiling window, as is a small breakfast bar for up to two people. The cabin is kept a comfortable temperature with underfloor heating and an air-conditioning unit.

The Uhu is fronted by generous glazing, and skylights also increase the natural light inside
The Uhu is fronted by generous glazing, and skylights also increase the natural light inside

Jonanthony James

The project came about when the creators of Repère Boréal inherited some land from their father. In his honor, they painstakingly turned the forested site into an “eco-tourism” destination with 34 cabins available for rent, of which the Uhu is the most recent.

If you’d like to spend some time in this tiny cabin, it’s currently up for rent and sleeps up to two adults. More information is available on the link below.

Source: Repère Boréal

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