Cake rides through cities and trails with Kalk Ink SL e-motorcycle

Swedish electric moto and ebike maker Cake has announced a street legal edition of the Kalk Ink released last month. The Ink SL’s head, tail and turn lights can be removed for off-road adventures, and the e-moto can now get up to minimum highway speeds.

“We are stoked to be able to expand the urban Cake presence with the new Kalk Ink SL, which combines excellent off-road performance with efficient commuter qualities,” said the company’s Stefan Ytterborn.

Street legal in the US and EU, the Ink SL has gained LED turn indicators, headlight and taillight, and handlebar mirror (which can all be removed for off-road riding if required). Also new is an LED display, foot brake, and license plate holder. Cake says that the 10-kW motor can make 42 Nm on the shaft or 252 Nm at the wheel, but more importantly can now get the electric ride to over 90 km/h (56 mph).

The 2.6 kWh Li-ion battery won’t compete with the range of street motos from the likes of Zero, for example, but could be sufficient for short rides to and from work. The Ink SL has been given a WMTC-II official range of 86 km (52 mi) per charge, so you may have to plug it in when you get to work or risk not making it home again, particularly as Cake points out that riding at 70 km/h (44 mph) will shorten your per charge journey to about 35 km (22 mi). Trail or enduro riders could manage a 3 hours jaunt on the e-moto.

The Kalk Ink SL has been treated to removable head, tail and turn lights, an LED display, a foot brake and more
The Kalk Ink SL has been treated to removable head, tail and turn lights, an LED display, a foot brake and more


The same three ride modes as the off-road only Ink are offered – Explore limits the top speed to 45 km/h (28 mph) for 3-4 hours between battery charges; and Excite mode offers up to 2 hours of enduro or trail riding; and Excel opens up maximum torque and speed for up to an hour on the track. And there are three braking modes too. Free wheel makes use of just the disc brakes via the front hand lever and/or the rear foot brake, there’s 2-stroke-like motor braking that gives some energy back to the battery, but for maximum regen you’ll need to employ the 4-stroke-like motor braking.

The Ink SL tips the scales at 82 kg (169 lb), including the battery, and its 6061 aluminum frame comes with polycarbonate bodywork and fenders. A simple yet sturdy suspension comprises upside down MX spring forks with 200 mm of travel and a direct-mounted rear shock with 205 mm of travel, and it rides on 19-inch aluminum rims with dual sport motorcycle tires.

The Kalk Ink SL will go on sale from July for US$10,500, though pre-orders are being accepted now.

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