Cork-clad tiny house takes inspired approach to maximizing space

Portuguese woodworking specialist MadeiGuincho has followed up its impressive Terra m1 with another striking tiny house in the same vein. The Terra m2_Tiny House on Wheels features an unusual interior layout spread over three levels that maximizes available space, and is topped by a small rooftop terrace area.

The Terra m2_Tiny House on Wheels is the second of three tiny homes produced by MadeiGuincho for Portugal’s Alentejo area and, like its predecessor, is intended for couples and individuals to use for short vacations. It’s based on a double-axle trailer and has a length of just 5 m (16.4 ft). It’s finished in wood and cork, which can be produced sustainably and offers good insulation (Portugal is also the world’s largest producer of cork).

As mentioned, the interior layout is split over three levels. The main entrance opens onto a small and simple kitchen with a sink, cabinetry and – we assume – some appliances stowed away. Some steps up from here provide access up to the living area, which includes seating. Back in the kitchen, some other steps downwards access the bedroom, which consists of a double bed and some storage.

As with other MadeiGuincho models, the interior finish is rustic and pleasant and shows off the beauty of wood. The tiny house is also filled with natural light throughout, thanks to its generous glazing.

The Terra m2_Tiny House on Wheels' storage-integrated steps lead up to its rooftop terrace area
The Terra m2_Tiny House on Wheels’ storage-integrated steps lead up to its rooftop terrace area

João Carranca

Elsewhere on the kitchen level lies the bathroom, which contains a toilet and shower, plus this connects to a second door that provides direct access to a deck outside that expands living space a little.

Additionally, the Terra m2_Tiny House on Wheels also has some storage-integrated stairs in the living room are which lead up to a skylight and a rooftop terrace area offering superb views of the local area.

Source: MadeiGuincho

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