Corsair’s flexible gaming monitor can be bent into shape during play

OLED displays have opened some very interesting avenues in consumer electronics, from TVs that roll out like magnetic wallpaper to e-books that flex like a paperback. Joining the party is hardware company Corsair, which has introduced a versatile new gaming monitor that users can manually bend into a curve for a more wrap-around experience.

The display market for both TV and gaming has welcomed quite a few flexible OLEDs over the past decade, with LG Display often at the front of the pack. Its efforts have included rollable televisions and even transparent OLED panels, and it supplied the screen for the world’s first flexible OLED TV that affiliate company LG showed off at CES 2014.

That 77-inch unit could be shaped with the remote control, enabling users to set the curvature to their viewing preferences. Corsair’s newly launched Xeneon gaming monitor, which was actually developed in collaboration with LG Display, calls for a more hands-on approach. Which perhaps makes sense assuming most users will be seated immediately in front of it.

Rendered view of the rear of Corsair's bendable gaming monitor
Rendered view of the rear of Corsair’s bendable gaming monitor


From there, you can simply grab onto the vertical edges and bend it into shape, anywhere from a completely flat state to a more immersive and gaming-friendly curvature of 800R. This can apparently be carried out at anytime and in a matter of seconds, with a sophisticated burn-in prevention system that does its magic when the monitor is both on and off.

The 45-inch display packs a resolution of 3,440 x 1440 and 21:9 aspect ratio, while a 240-Hz refresh rate is claimed to prevent motion blur. The display will work with both NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync Premium adaptive sync standards, and it features LG Display’s low blue light technology designed to alleviate eye strain.

Corsair's gaming monitor can be bent from a flat state to a curvature of 800R
Corsair’s gaming monitor can be bent from a flat state to a curvature of 800R


“We challenged ourselves to create a game-changing display that delivers an incredible and customizable experience, and I think we’ve achieved that goal and more,” said Dennis Jackson, Senior Director of Systems Product Management & Marketing at Corsair.

There’s no word yet on pricing or availability for the Xeneon Flex OLED gaming monitor, though Corsair demonstrated the display at Gamescon 2022 in Germany this week. It says further pricing and specs info will come later in the year.

Source: Corsair

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