Cyber Trust Mark Labels Set to Enhance Consumer Security

Cyber Trust Mark Labels Set to Enhance Consumer Security

Paige Henley Paige Henley
Published on: May 28, 2024

Federal officials announced that consumer labels designed to help Americans choose smart devices with enhanced cybersecurity could start appearing on products before the holiday shopping season. The initiative, known as the US Cyber Trust Mark Initiative, allows manufacturers to affix the label to their products if they meet federal cybersecurity standards.

The range of devices eligible for these labels includes baby monitors, home security cameras, fitness trackers, refrigerators, and other internet-connected appliances. This initiative aims to provide consumers with a clear indication of which products offer better protection against hacking.

The White House first introduced the “Cyber Trust” labels last year, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) finalized the details in March. This clearance has paved the way for the labels to become visible on store shelves in the coming months.

Nicholas Leiserson, the assistant national cyber director for cyber policy and programs, expressed optimism about the initiative’s rollout. “You should hopefully, by the holiday season, start to see devices that have this trustmark on it,” Leiserson said during a cybersecurity panel at Auburn University’s McCrary Institute in Washington.

In addition to the labels, products will feature QR codes that consumers can scan to access detailed security information about their devices. This feature is designed to provide transparency and inform consumers about the security measures in place.

Officials compare the Cyber Trust labels to the well-known Energy Star program, which rates appliances based on energy efficiency. The goal is to empower consumers to make informed decisions while encouraging manufacturers to improve their cybersecurity standards.

Prominent industry participants in this initiative include Amazon, Best Buy, Google, LG Electronics USA, Logitech, and Samsung. Their involvement showcases the broad support for enhancing consumer cybersecurity.

The proliferation of smart devices has unfortunately coincided with a rise in cybercrime. Insecure devices can provide cybercriminals with entry points into home networks, posing significant security risks. The Cyber Trust Mark Initiative aims to mitigate these risks by guiding consumers toward more secure products.

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