Delfast’s latest ebike is ready to race – or commute

In the past, Ukrainian manufacturer Delfast has brought us a wide variety of electric-assist bicycles. It’s now focusing on the Electro Motocross race circuit, with the Cross Dirt ebike.

Designed primarily for use on surfaces such as mud, sand, gravel and snow, the Cross Dirt features a motocross-style seat, new knobby 19-inch off-road tires, and a 3,000-watt rear hub motor that allows for a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h). A company representative tells us that for more civilized (and legal) riding on city streets, it can be set to lower speed modes.

Buyers will choose between 1,920-mAh and 2,760-mAh lithium batteries, depending on how long they plan on racing between charges. A 4-hour charge provides a claimed range of 74 miles (120 km) with the smaller battery, or 174 miles (280 km) with the larger one.

The battery choice also affects the weight of the ebike – it reportedly tips the scales at either 121 lb (55 kg) or 158 lb (62 kg) with the small or large battery, respectively. In either case, it can support riders weighing up to 298 lb (135 kg).

Pricing for the Cross Dirt starts at €3,699
Pricing for the Cross Dirt starts at €3,699


Some of the Cross Dirt’s other features include a high-tensile steel frame, front and rear shocks, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, GPS tracking (in case it gets stolen), and an LED headlight. Optional extras include an “advanced” high/low-beam headlight, mirror-integrated LED turn indicators, a belt-drive drivetrain, and city wheels.

Delfast is now taking preorders. A full payment of €3,699 (about US$4,349) will get you a Cross Dirt with the smaller battery, if you place an order this month – after that, the the retail price will rise to €4,699 ($5,525). The big battery is an extra €339 ($399).

Plans call for production to begin in October.

Source: Delfast

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