Digital Pressure Gauge with Data Logger and USB Interface

Digital Pressure Gauge with Data Logger and USB Interface

Stauff has redesigned its SPG-DIGI series digital pressure gauges. They predominantly differ from the previous range in that they feature an internal data logger and a USB interface by means of which the measured values can be sent to PCs or notebooks etc. The design as well as an additional version for low-pressure applications are also new. The design as well as an additional version for low-pressure applications are also new.

Unlike traditional Bourdon tube gauges, digital pressure gauges display the actual pressure in hydraulic and lubrication systems, at the same time as detecting and temporarily storing pressure peaks and drops in the system. They therefore represent important tools in the repair and optimisation of hydraulic systems – and a fixed element of the Stauff “Diagtronics” product range, which offers hydraulic testers for the key parameters in industrial and mobile hydraulics (pressure, differential pressure, temperature, volumetric flow, contamination).

The latest version of the SPG-DIGI series, which detects and displays pressures of -1 to 600 bar, is optionally available with a memory function.This permits the measured data to be stored on an internal data logger. Up to ten measurement series can be stored with a maximum measuring period of 24 hours. These values can then be subsequently read on any PC or laptop via a USB interface without the need for additional software. Users can use any popular spreadsheet program for analysis purposes.

The improved design of the new SPG-DIGI range also sets it apart. There is also a new version for the pressure range of -1 … 5 bar, which enables the pressure level to be detected more accurately with low-pressure applications. The versions offered to date with measuring ranges of -1 … 16 bar, 0 …. 100 bar, 0 … 400 bar and 0 … 600 bar remain in the product range. The measuring accuracy of all versions is a maximum of 0.5% (typically 0.25%, always based on the end value of the measuring range). The multi-line and backlit display enables actual, MIN and MAX values to be displayed in bar, PSI, Mpa, kPa and mbar.

The new model generation of SPG-DIGI digital pressure gauges can be supplied with different adapters – for instance, for connection to “Stauff Test” hydraulic test couplings.

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