eFoil inflatables soften the learning curve of hover-surfing the water

Puerto Rico’s Lift Foils likens its new Blowfish add-on accessory to a set of inflatable training wheels for eFoil beginners, making launches easier as well as providing a more versatile platform for seasoned flyers.

Like any (relatively) new sport, mastering a board that flies above the water can take time and effort. We’ve seen numerous beginner-friendly innovations from eFoil makers over the years – including handlebars and redesigned boards – but most involve investing in a brand new board. Lift Foils has introduced an add-on accessory aimed at “substantially lowering the overall learning curve.”

Where folks getting their first feel for swimming might pop on some inflatable armbands to help them make a splash without sinking, the Blowfish inflatable liner is wrapped around Lift eFoil boards to offer a more stable and buoyant platform when idle and “to make launching more manageable and to keep the user up and afloat as they learn to fly on the water.”

Handles up top make for a safer introduction to eFoiling
Handles up top make for a safer introduction to eFoiling

Lift Foils

“We developed the eFoil to make people fly on the water, and Blowfish serves as a set of training wheels to give more people that opportunity to enjoy such a singular experience, while granting unrealized utility to our more experienced users,” said the company’s Bill Fisher.

For seasoned eFoilers, the extra bulk – Lift reckons it can increase board volume by as much as 74% – could be used to safely transport gear or introduce young companions to fun on the water without adding lots of extra weight. There are also five grab handles up top, along with side straps and loops. The company says that it’s increased buoyancy could also see users to spending longer on the water “by allowing the rider to rest easier.”

The Blowfish sports a PVC outer shell with durable drop-stitch construction, and ships with a dual-action pump. It’s available in two sizes to fit a number of Lift boards, including the Lift3 and Lift4, and is priced at US$599.

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