Emerson Integrates Augmented Reality into Plantweb™ Optics Software, Enhancing Remote Collaboration and Workforce Effectiveness

Emerson Integrates Augmented Reality into Plantweb™ Optics Software, Enhancing Remote Collaboration and Workforce Effectiveness

Emerson Integrates Augmented Reality into Plantweb™ Optics Software, Enhancing Remote Collaboration and Workforce Effectiveness

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Emerson (NYSE:EMR) today introduced augmented reality (AR) technology to its Plantweb™ Optics asset performance platform, delivering enhanced access to real-time diagnostics and analytics, as well as live remote assistance, to industrial plant workers responsible for maintaining and optimising plant equipment.

With AR technology integrated into Plantweb Optics, companies can improve productivity, collaboration and operational performance, without being limited by shortages of skilled workers or travel restrictions.

“Successful digital transformation programmes that lead to Top Quartile performance have people and work practices as a key focus. Adopting innovative technology like augmented reality and institutionalising best practices enables workers to add more value than ever to operational and business performance,” said Stuart Harris, group president for Emerson’s digital transformation business. “With these new Plantweb Optics technologies, customers can experience significant improvements in equipment reliability and the safety of their facilities.”

Emerson’s Plantweb Optics asset performance platforms adds augmented reality to help improve the effectiveness and productivity of field technicians. Using AR, technicians can more quickly locate assets and access real-time asset health data when in the field. Live remote assistance enhances collaboration and troubleshooting by connecting technicians with experts through AR. When the work is complete, a knowledge library stores records for future use by all engineers at the site.
Augmented reality for Emerson’s Plantweb Optics asset performance platform enhances how field technicians and experts collaborate to improve productivity and operational performance.

Plantweb Optics leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning analytics and data contextualisation to provide real-time visibility into plant reliability and operational performance. Unlike standalone AR solutions that require custom engineering, AR is integrated into Plantweb Optics, providing immediate access to a wealth of data and translating into easier, less costly implementation and a faster return on investment. For use by manufacturers in the life sciences, food and beverage, chemical, metals and mining, power and water, pulp and paper and energy industries, Plantweb Optics is part of Emerson’s award-winning Plantweb digital ecosystem of technologies, software and services.

Augmented reality for Plantweb Optics transforms the way field technicians accomplish complex tasks through enhanced situational awareness, live remote assistance and analytics delivered in context of the plant. As a field technician walks an industrial plant with a mobile device, Plantweb Optics uses spatial computing technology to map assets and provide technicians with critical maintenance information relevant to their location. Plantweb Optics overlays real-time analytics, equipment health status and technical support documentation on their field of view, so technicians can safely resolve issues sooner.

Emerson Integrates Augmented Reality into Plantweb™ Optics Software, Enhancing Remote Collaboration and Workforce Effectiveness
With relevant IoT and situational awareness data available in augmented reality, field technicians can more quickly and safely locate assets when using Emerson’s Plantweb Optics asset performance platform.

The augmented and virtual reality market is projected to grow annually at 40% from 2017 through 2025, according to multiple research reports. Much of this spending will come from manufacturers around the globe using AR technology to help upskill their workforce for digitalised operations.

With live remote assistance, field technicians can be virtually shadowed by experts, either on-site or off-site, from Emerson, their own company or another service provider. Experts can talk, type or augment the technician’s mobile display with graphics to guide the next action. Live remote assistance enables technicians and experts to collaborate for safe troubleshooting and repairs, regardless of location and without travel costs. Live remote assistance sessions, best practices and notes from experienced engineers and step-by-step troubleshooting procedures can be logged into a knowledge library for use by all engineers at a site. The knowledge library is a resource for companies to standardise procedures and ensure engineers of all experience levels understand an asset’s history and are using best practices for safe, efficient operations.

For more information on augmented reality for Plantweb Optics, please visit Emerson.com/PlantwebOpticsAR.

For more information on Emerson’s Plantweb digital ecosystem, please visit Emerson.com/Plantweb.

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