Enugu State, ALX/Mastercard Foundation partner to offer free AI training

Enugu State, ALX/Mastercard Foundation partner to offer free AI training

The Enugu State Government has said it is boosting the AI literacy of its young professionals with the launch of a free AI Career Essentials (AICE) Programme. 

This initiative, created by ALX/Mastercard Foundation in collaboration with the Enugu State Government through its SME Agency and Capitis Global Ventures Limited, aims to equip participants with the necessary skills to thrive in the job market increasingly driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

According to the Enugu State SME Agency, the AICE programme is a structured educational program designed to provide participants with hands-on training, opportunities for peer learning, and real-world projects. This approach ensures a well-rounded learning experience, giving participants a solid foundation in core AI concepts alongside practical technological skills.

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Image Credit: Enugu SME Agency.

The programme targets recent college graduates, early career professionals, and individuals transitioning into tech roles who require a strong foundation in AI, the State government said.

According to the agency, over the six-week programme, participants will develop their AI literacy, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Additionally, participants will learn how to use AI to enhance their communication skills, including writing, presentations, and storytelling. Project management and data analysis are also parts of the skills which participants will learn, teaching participants how to employ AI tools for project planning, execution, data interpretation, and making data-driven decisions.

The AICE programme, according to the agency, has a flexible, part-time structure, making it accessible to working professionals. The program requires basic computer skills and a reliable internet connection for participation in online modules and utilizing AI tools. 

According to information obtained from the Agency’s website, specific AI tools covered in the programme include Grammarly and Hemingway App for communication and writing, Tableau and Power BI for data analysis and visualization, Asana and Trello for project management, and Adobe XD and Figma for AI design and prototyping.

Those interested in participating can apply online. The application process involves submitting a motivational statement outlining the applicant’s interest in AI and career aspirations, along with a brief assessment to gauge basic tech proficiency.

According to the agency, participants will gain extensive support, including technical assistance, academic mentorship from experienced professionals, and access to a vibrant community platform that fosters networking and collaboration among participants.

Graduates will also gain lifetime access to an exclusive alumni network and a digital resource library. This ongoing support includes webinars, refresher modules, and updates on the latest AI tools and techniques.

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