Enugu State unveils job portal for graduates, SMEs

Enugu State unveils job portal for graduates, SMEs

The Enugu State Government has unveiled a portal for the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP) planned to provide jobs for graduates and SMEs from the state. 

The programme, which is funded by the Federal Government of Nigeria, the European Union, and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), is also supported by the Enugu State Government through the Enugu SME Centre, the state government said.

According to the Enugu State SME Centre, the NJFP as a partnership connects graduates with job opportunities in both the private and public sectors. The programme provides graduates with a twelve-month paid work experience with a monthly stipend of N100,000.


Organisations in Enugu State can also participate in the NJFP as host organisations, the government said. Information available on the website further detailed that host organisations must provide up-to-date regulatory documentation, a commitment to the NJFP’s objectives, detailed job roles for fellows, robust mentorship programmes, adherence to ethical standards, and a non-discrimination policy.

According to Enugu State Government, organisations that meet these requirements can apply to host NJFP fellows by providing detailed information about their operations, including their sector, staff strength, and organisational mission, as well as their capacity to train and mentor fellows.

The NJFP benefits Enugu State SMEs by providing them with access to a pool of talented, market-ready graduates who can bring fresh ideas and contemporary skills to the workplace. This not only enhances productivity but also reduces recruitment costs and time spent on extensive training, according to the state government.

SMEs are expected to provide structured mentorship programmes that help fellows integrate into their new roles and gain practical industry insights. This includes regular feedback sessions, involvement in various projects, and exposure to different aspects of the business.


SMEs that participate in the NJFP, the state government said, can save on hiring costs, gain access to skilled talent, expand their network, and have a voice in governmental policy discussions related to economic development and labor.

According to the government, the NJFP uses a detailed matching process to ensure that fellows are a good match for SMEs in Enugu State. This process considers the specific needs and job descriptions provided by SMEs.

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