Ericsson seeks slice of nascent US C-Band sector

Ericsson seeks slice of nascent US C-Band sector

Ericsson achieved data rates of more than 5Gb/s using C-Band spectrum in a 5G trial conducted in the US, offering a glimpse of the performance operators will be able to deliver if they are successful in a forthcoming auction.

Kevin Zvokel, head of networks for Ericsson North America, said the test “sets high expectations for mid-band 5G deployments in the US”.

The test used a live C-Band network at an Ericsson site in Texas, employing 16-layer multi-user MIMO and 256QAM on a 100MHz channel of spectrum and eight test devices. It hit peak data rates of 5.4Gb/s in the downlink.

Field research and consulting company Signals Research Group participated in testing: group president Michael Thelander noted increasing the capacity per cell “makes it more economical” for operators offering fixed and mobile services, while also increasing data rates for consumers.

While mid-band spectrum has been favoured by many countries for 5G, the US trailed in allocation, concluding its first auction last month.

A sale of 280MHz of C-Band spectrum is set to begin in December.


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