Evo Repel combines a mosquito repeller, flashlight and power bank

Mosquitos are most active at night, which is when campers need light and are most likely to be charging gadgets. The Evo Repel was designed with these facts in mind, as it combines an electric mosquito repeller, flashlight and power bank in one device.

Manufactured by Hong Kong outdoor gear company Hengduan, the Evo is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. It packs a 14,400-mAh lithium battery which powers an LED flashlight and a mosquito repellant mat heater, plus it charges gadgets such as smartphones.

The flashlight can be set to four different output modes, ranging from 100 to 3,000 lumens, and to five different color temperatures (depending on whether you want a warm, cozy feeling or require stark, white light for optimum illumination). Battery life ranges from 100 to 5 hours, based on output.

The Evo Repel's flashlight has a maximum output of 3,000 lumens
The Evo Repel’s flashlight has a maximum output of 3,000 lumens


The Evo’s repellent mat warmer is reportedly compatible with most third-party mats, which it heats to an “ideal temperature” of 329 ºF (165 ºC) in two minutes. It heats the mat on both sides, plus it can heat two mats at once for particularly buggy situations.

The device produces a campsite-covering 30-ft (9-m) zone of protection when set to High (329 ºF), or a tent-friendlier 10-ft (3-m) zone when set to Low (230 ºF/110 ºC). Its battery life ranges from 18 to 28 hours, respectively.

If that battery isn’t already being used for lighting or repelling, it can reportedly juice an iPhone 14 up five times one a single 2.5-hour charge.

The Evo Repel can be mounted on a mini tripod
The Evo Repel can be mounted on a mini tripod


Some of the Evo’s other features include a 270-degree swiveling handle with four magnets for mounting it on metal surfaces, a threaded tripod-mount hole, and IPX4 water-resistance – that means it can withstand being splashed. The whole thing tips the scales at a claimed 16.4 oz (465 g).

Assuming the Evo reaches production, a pledge of US$49 will get you one. The planned retail price is $98. Prospective buyers might also want to check out Thermacell’s $50 EL55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller and Glow Light.

The Evo Repel is demo’d in the video below.

EVO REPEL: 3-in-1 Outdoor Mosquito Repeller Lantern

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