Flutterwave: We were not hacked 

Flutterwave: We were not hacked 

Flutterwave, a leading fintech company in Africa, says it has not been hacked, while assuring customers of the safety of their financial information.

Flutterwave stated in a statement that the fintech company takes the responsibility of securing customer data seriously, and understands that any potential security breach can cause anxiety and concern among customers.

While assuring that that it has not been hacked, Flutterwave says that it closely tracks transactions through its transaction monitoring systems and 24-hour fraud desk. 

The company collaborates with other financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to keep its ecosystem safe and secure, according to the statement.

However, during a routine check of its transaction monitoring system, Flutterwave says it identified an unusual trend of transactions on some users’ profiles. 

The company immediately launched a review, in line with its standard operating procedure, which revealed that some users who had not activated some of its recommended security settings might have been susceptible.

Flutterwave confirmed that no user lost any funds, and its security measures were able to address the issue before any harm could be done to its users. 

The company says its commitment to keeping users’ financial information safe and secure is why it invests heavily in security initiatives such as periodic audits, certifications, and licences such as the PCI-DSS and ISO 27001.

The fintech company has asked its customers to continue to trust the company and feel secure in using Flutterwave for their business needs. 

The company’s commitment, Flutterwave says, “is to enable business growth while keeping customers’ financial information safe and secure.”

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