Fly12 bike headlight/dashcam gets smaller, lighter, and a boost to 4K

Back in 2015 we told you about Cycliq’s Fly12, a combination dashcam and headlight for cyclists. Well, there’s now a much smaller, lighter and sharper-shooting model available, known as the Fly12 Sport.

Just to recap, the original Fly12 was a handlebar-mounted device that shot 1080p/30fps video via a forward-facing HD camera, plus it pumped out 400 lumens of illumination via an integrated headlight. The camera could be used to shoot ride videos just for fun, or for use in legal proceedings in the event of a traffic accident.

In 2019 it was replaced by the Fly12 CE, which bumped the light output up to 600 lumens. Now, the CE is in turn being superseded by the Fly12 Sport.

Weighing in at a claimed 148 g (5.2 oz), the Sport is 24% lighter than the CE. It’s also 25% smaller (by volume), measuring 80 mm long by 51 mm wide by 30 mm high (3.1 by 2 by 1.2 in). Maximum video resolution has been raised to 4K/24fps, plus the storage capacity for that video has been doubled – the Sport comes with a 64GB card, but it can accept cards of up to 256GB.

That said, as was the case with previous models, a looping feature allows the camera to continuously “write over” previously shot video, automatically saving the most recent clip if an accident occurs (as detected by onboard motion sensors). The video is shot through a 135-degree wide-angle lens, and smoothed out using a 6-axis electronic image stabilization system. Sound is also recorded, via an onboard microphone.

The complete Fly12 Sport package, which includes a quick-release handlebar mount
The complete Fly12 Sport package, which includes a quick-release handlebar mount


One 2-hour charge of the Sport’s 3,000-mAh lithium-ion battery should be good for seven hours of continuous recording in camera-only mode, which is reportedly 1.7 times longer than is possible with the CE. This claim is a little confusing, however, as figures that we’ve come across for the latter model put it at eight hours. The whole device is IP56 waterproof, meaning it can withstand high-pressure jets of water from any direction.

One new feature on the Sport is an OLED screen on the back. This displays information such as battery charge level and current video/light modes, plus it can be used along with an integrated pushbutton to adjust settings – an app on a Bluetooth-linked smartphone can also be used for that purpose.

It should be noted that the Sport’s maximum light output level is lower than that of the CE, dropping back down to the original model’s 400 lumens – which should still be fine for most situations.

The Fly12 Sport is now available for preorder via the Cycliq website, priced at US$319. It should ship in the first week of October.

Source: Cycliq

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