Frozen waterfalls and stunning seas: The best water photos of the year

From extraordinary macro images to abstract aerial drone shots, water photography can take many forms, much like water itself. In photography social network Agora’s latest contest, H2O is celebrated in a spectacular collection of images.

“Water molecules are a blend of millions of years of history and have passed through many oceans, continents, and beings of all kinds,” explains Agora CEO, Octavi Royo. “It has evolved from liquid to solid states countless times over the course of time.”

Winner 'Thirsty ants', Binangonan, Philippines
Winner ‘Thirsty ants’, Binangonan, Philippines


From 50 finalists a public vote settled on a shot from amateur photographer Analiza Daran De Guzman as the grand prize winner. Titled Thirsty Ants, the shot was taken with a Samsung smartphone and macro lens clip.

“This image was shot under our garden’s mango tree, where local ants have settled their colonies,” explains De Guzman. “The weather here in the Philippines is pretty hot, so I give them water and make the most of our encounter to take some macro photos.”

'The first rains of the year make the rivers start flowing again', Dili, Timor-Leste
‘The first rains of the year make the rivers start flowing again’, Dili, Timor-Leste


Many of the featured photographs investigate how humans interact with water, often capitalizing on natural phenomenons to harvest food. Portuguese photographer Joao Galamba’s incredible aerial shot of Timorese fisherman offers a stunning look at an annual event, when the first rain of the year introduces the muddy river water to the deep blue sea.

“At sea level, the division of the muddy river and the ocean water is not as clear as from above,” explains Galamba, “so I had no idea what to expect from up there! After launching the drone and face the camera downwards, I was stunned with what I was seeing: the thick texture and brownish color of the river contrasting with the soft texture and deep blue color of the ocean was not something that I have ever seen in my life!”

'Frozen water creates a path for climbers', Utah, United States
‘Frozen water creates a path for climbers’, Utah, United States


Other highlights from the top 50 include a look at a buffalo herder in India taking his herd for a quick bath, an ice climber perilously ascending a frozen waterfall, and early morning fishing in Vietnam.

Take a look through our gallery at more highlights from the Water2020 Agora contest.

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