Haf-Clip lets mountain bikers carry gear on their handlebars

Although rough-n-ready no-foolin’-around mountain bikes usually aren’t equipped with racks or baskets, there are times when riders need to carry a little something with them. The Canadian-designed Haf-Clip was created with such situations in mind.

Made of a single piece of 5-mm-thick Nylon 12 or aluminum, the device is installed on the bike’s steer tube, in place of one or more existing spacers. It’s compatible with industry-standard 28.6-mm tubes, and can be installed above or below the handlebar stem … although putting it above looks like it would be the better way to go.

In order to carry something, users just loop a hook-and-loop strap around the item and through a slot in the end of the Haf-Clip, then pull the strap tight and secure it. Two straps are included, measuring 12 and 18 inches (305 and 457 mm) in length.

Among other applications, the device could be used by downhill bikers for transporting their bulky full-face helmet – or the removable chin guard for their helmet – up the mountain before making their descent. Those same downhillers could also use it to carry gear such as body armour, which wouldn’t fit in the cargo compartment of their hydration pack.

It would additionally be handy for carrying jackets that are worn at the beginning of rides, then taken off as both the cyclist and the day warm up.

The Haf-Clip can be installed above or below the stem
The Haf-Clip can be installed above or below the stem


Should you be interested in getting one for yourself, the Haf-Clip is available now via the product website, priced at CAD$19.99 (about US$15) in nylon and CAD$27.99 (US$22) in aluminum.

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