Handlebar Bag features pop-up lid and multiple mounts

While many bicycle commuters and long-distance riders use a bar-mounted bag, there’s something to be said for the easy accessibility of a good ol’ basket. Route Werk’s Handlebar Bag combines the best features of both, along with various extras.

At first glance, the Handlebar Bag looks like a lot of other bar bags. Instead of a fabric top that has to be unzipped and folded back, however, it has a spring-loaded polycarbonate lid that pops open when the user presses the anodized aluminum latch. This means that they can access the inside of the bag one-handed, while riding.

The lid additionally features a Tech Mount in the middle, that accommodates quick-release adapters for devices such as smartphones, actioncams and cycling computers. To either side of that mount are sets of 3-mm bungee cords (like those on the deck of a touring kayak), for temporarily holding snacks, jackets and whatnot.

There’s also a bungee cord on the bottom of the bag, with 3M reflective tabs on it.

The Handlebar Bag has a cargo capacity of 3.2 liters
The Handlebar Bag has a cargo capacity of 3.2 liters

Route Werks

Threaded holes on each side of the Handlebar Bag allow optional “handlebar stubs” to be screwed in. These are basically short lengths of aluminum tubing, on which the user can mount third-party devices such as headlights and bells.

And when the rider reaches their destination, they can remove the bag from its aluminum handlebar mount simply by flicking a release lever on its latch. They can then carry the bag with them, utilizing its built-in shoulder strap.

The bag itself features a water-resistant Cordura exterior, a ripstop nylon interior, two exterior pockets, three snap-close interior pockets, a zippered interior pouch, and a main interior storage compartment. It has a 3.2-liter capacity, can manage payloads weighing up to 4 kg (8.8 lb), and tips the scales at a claimed 615 g (1.4 lb) – the handlebar mount adds another 69 g (2.4 oz).

Should you be interested, the Handlebar Bag is presently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$119 will get you one, when and if they reach production. The planned retail price is $179.

It’s demonstrated in the following video.

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The Handlebar Bag by Route Werks

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