How to Hire an IoT Architect

How to Hire an IoT Architect

While the details are certainly more complicated, the simple definition of the Internet of Things is everything is connected to everything else by the Internet. As a consequence, these connections generate vast amounts of data that must be collected, processed and analyzed so that the raw data becomes useful and actionable information. Designing the infrastructure and overseeing the development of this network of devices is the job of the IoT architect.

IoT architects must have exemplary skills and experience in designing, developing and deploying communication networks, but more importantly, they must be able to envision a future where every device is connected. They must anticipate the benefits and problems an interconnected world creates and fashion a way to make those assets useful.

Factors to take into account when recruiting an IoT architect

Hiring the most qualified IoT architect does not have to be a perplexing task. Considerations include factors such as appropriate salary, personality traits and skillsets, the job description, duties and responsibilities, desirable competencies and experience, interview questions and even a job advertisement.

To illustrate, the best candidates for an IoT architect role will have experience within the industry and ideally with the organization, or at least a similar organization. IoT architect positions, by their nature, require the perspective of a candidate with information technology design, planning and implementation experience. In addition, a candidate with experience with tools specifically used by your company will be a plus, but adaptability and the ability to learn on the job will be paramount.

Since IoT system development is a collective exercise, the most successful candidates must also have demonstrable skills in collaboration, teamwork, cooperation and social interaction. Candidates should also have advanced verbal and written communication skills.

What’s more, an ideal candidate for an IoT architect position will be engaged in continuous learning about IoT businesses and their data governance. This continuous learning helps the architect build new businesses and prevent unintended consequences.

Hiring the best candidate for an IoT architect position

Finding out the factors stated above would require time, effort and resources. Furthermore, creating a list of relevant questions to ask an aspiring IoT architect during an interview can be a challenging task.

The good news is that TechRepublic Premium has developed a hiring kit with an adjustable framework that your business can use to find the right person for the job.

One interview question that you can find inside the kit can help you grasp the fundamental skills of an IoT architect that are present in the candidate. Recruiters may look for data management skills, mathematical and analytical skills, modeling skills, organizational skills, communication skills and industry and business knowledge. This question delves into the candidate’s experience and confidence.

Data is always being generated, and new data will always be produced in an IoT environment. Given that new data must be incorporated into existing data structures promptly, being an IoT architect entails high levels of stress. To explore this, the resource includes a question on the candidate’s ability to work well under tight deadlines and in a dynamic work environment.

Save up to 20 hours of writing, editing and research to find the ideal IoT architect. You can download the 11-page hiring kit for $9 at TechRepublic Premium.

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