Inside the new FlexiSAF HQ in Abuja, where elegance meets passion

Inside the new FlexiSAF HQ in Abuja, where elegance meets passion

At the turn of the new year, the FlexiSAF corporate office moved headquarters (HQ) from Ibadan Street, Area 3 Abuja to the more centrally positioned Garki 2.

Co-founded by Faiz Bashir, FlexiSAF provides innovative technological solutions to manage the processes of schools in a comprehensive way to achieve higher standards.

Since setting up the Area 3 annex in 2017, what is now the old FlexiSAF HQ accommodated the entire FlexiSAF team and from there they carried out their business around building solutions for the educational sector of Nigeria.

But in its current state, the building has become too small for FlexiSAF’s growing business activities and is now serving as their foundation and eLearning facility.


Techpoint visited the new headquarters for a pictorial tour.

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Faiz Bashir, CEO of Flexisaf gave us a cursory welcome

Shortly after Rahama Ohunene Obadaki, the PR, Marketing and Communication Asst. took us on a proper tour of the new FlexiSAF facility

The facility is divided into three sections; admin and engineering block occupying the main building, and the customer success block at an adjoining building behind.

The admin block is the first point of call when you walk into FlexiSAF. It comprises of People Operations, sales, PR, marketing and communications, telesales, business development, and finance.

The admin block


Upon entering the office you are greeted by a simple, yet elegant reception. Although this is the relaxation area for the admin block, it is also where visitors and guests who generally come into FlexiSAF are received.


The people Operations workspace

Mini boardroom

Admin cafeteria

Otherwise known as the powerhouse, this is where the humans of the FlexiSAF admin block refuel depleted energy from working.

The staircase leads upstairs to the rest of the units in the admin block

Marketing and finance

The  conference room

The CEO’s office is also situated at the admin block

Relaxation spot

Stepping out of the admin block, the next place of contact is the relaxation spot, which is the entry portal to both the engineering and customer success sections. More importantly, it is where the FlexiSAF team regardless of the department can bond, play games, brainstorm, and “receive a bit of Vitamin D” as Rahama puts it.

The engineering block

As earlier mentioned, the engineering section is on the same building with the admin and is where all the technical aspects of the FlexiSAF operations happen. It’s a mirrored building with the admin block, so visitors will be forgiven for mistaken both sections.

Engineering lounge

Here, the engineering team works from, hold informal meetings, play computer games and experience Virtual Augmented Reality (VAR).

The engineering teams are divided based on the different products they are working on.

The design workspace

This is where all the amazing ideas from FlexiSAF are rubbed in colour.

UI/UX department


Engineering conference room

Al Amin Ibrahim Muhammad, The Chief Technology Officer’s office

Customer success section

Here is the segment that is generally concerned about the customer, onboarding and how they relate with products of FlexiSAF.

Customer success cafeteria

Customer success conference room

Humans at FlexiSAF

From L – R: Al-Amin Ibrahim Muhammad, Raji Bashir, Faiz Bash, Abubakar Abdulrahman, Samir Abubakar

Samir Abubakar, CIO FlexiSAF

Amina Abubakar, Head of Operation, FlexiSAF Foundation

FlexiSAF culture

Nothing speaks more to the culture at FlexiSAF than the handwriting on this wall. Team members exude this culture in the way they work and interact with one another.

That’s the end of the tour of the new FlexiSAF innovative space. When you think of FlexiSAF, you now know where all the magic is happening.

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