IPVanish Releases New Cybersecurity Tools

IPVanish Releases New Cybersecurity Tools

Tyler Cross Tyler Cross
Published on: July 5, 2024 Senior Writer

IPVanish, a cybersecurity company best known for its quality VPN service, recently unveiled a new set of free security tools.

These tools closely resemble the extra features you’d see in traditional antivirus suites.

“We’re thrilled to bring you our brand-new suite of free security tools,” writes IPVanish in a recent blog post. “(They) will help you maintain four major facets of your security: screening malicious links, viewing your visible IP address, generating strong passwords, and analyzing your network connection.”

“We want to help, and we have the resources to do so,” the company declares.

The first of the new free tools is an IP address checker. This was a legacy feature that was converted to the new free tools package. It checks the IP address that you’re currently using and is a great way to verify if your VPN is actually working.

Another legacy resource that was turned into a free tool is the IPVanish password generator. You can use it to quickly create secure and complex passwords that don’t follow any set patterns.

There’s also a link checking tool. It works by combining the traditional method of using a database of malicious sites with new behavioral analysis done entirely in the cloud. It’s not an automatic link checking tool like many web protection browser extensions or apps, so it won’t provide real-time protection against malicious websites, but it is a great way to make sure a link is safe before opening it.

Finally, IPVanish is adding a tool to check your internet speed. Specifically, the Internet Speed Checker by Ookla is added to your dashboard, so you can check your speed with the click of a button without needing your browser.

“This initiative is a testament to our mission at IPVanish, which is ultimately to empower users by providing the tools to make the internet safe.”

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