Jackery’s inflatable LightTent-AIR features its own solar power system

There are currently quite a few stand-alone solar power systems designed for use by campers. US portable energy company Jackery has taken a more consolidated approach, however, as its LightTent-AIR tent comes with such a system already built in.

The tent debuted as a concept earlier this month at CES, where it was the recipient of an Innovation Award. Although we’re still waiting to hear back from Jackery with more details, here’s what we know so far …

The basic tent itself sleeps four to five people, features a self-supporting inflatable frame, and is made of waterproof and flame-retardant PVC-coated fabric. That material is claimed to have excellent heat-insulating properties, plus it’s reportedly easy to keep clean.

Extending out from the side walls of the tent are two flexible gallium arsenide solar panels, which produce up to 1,200 watts of power. Energy generated by those panels during the day gets stored in built-in “electricity storage modules” (batteries), allowing users to power lights or charge devices once the sun goes down. Users can also connect the panels to a separate external battery, if desired.

Jackery hasn’t released any information regarding pricing or an exact release date, although the company has stated that the LightTent-AIR may hit the market in a couple of years.

Source: Jackery

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