Joy tiny house opens up for family vacations and entertaining guests

Commissioned to design a vacation home for a family of four that could occasionally be used for hosting parties, New Zealand’s Build Tiny has created an open and airy tiny house that’s also well-suited to entertaining guests.

The Joy measures a total length of 7.8 m (25.5 ft), and a width of 2.7 m (8.8 ft). Its exterior is clad in vinyl and it features generous glazing, including a large glazed door that really opens it up to the outside. This was a key focus behind the design.

“The Joy Tiny House was created as a get-away home/Bach for a family of four,” explained Build Tiny. “Being a Bach, this tiny house was specifically designed for short-term stays as opposed to long-term living. There’s adequate storage for two people full time, but the priority in this build was to create open living areas for family interaction, indoor-outdoor flow, and room for entertaining.”

The interior is finished in plain birch plywood, and features a spacious living room with lots of empty floorspace for people to mingle together, plus a large sofa for seated conversations. The kitchen is nearby and contains a breakfast bar for two, a small folding table, a coffee machine, a sink with wooden chopping board insert, a full-sized fridge/freezer and an oven with a two-burner propane-powered stove. A removable servery made from microcarpa wood rests outside the kitchen window, making it easier to hand out nibbles and drinks when the party moves outdoors.

The Joy's large glazed doors really open up the home to the outside
The Joy’s large glazed doors really open up the home to the outside

Build Tiny

Over on the opposite side of the home to the living room is the bathroom. This includes a sink, shower, and toilet, as well as a wooden laundry rack and a secondary exterior door.

There are two loft bedrooms in the Joy, with the main bedroom accessed by staircase and the children’s room reached by ladder. While they look just like typical tiny house-style bedrooms with low ceilings, they are actually quite clever: the beds have been rotated sideways and lowered platforms have been installed. This means the occupants can comfortably walk right up to their bed, unlike most loft-style tiny house bedrooms, which require the owner to crawl awkwardly on their knees.

The Joy tiny house was created as as a turnkey build ready to move in and has been installed in an undisclosed location in New Zealand. We’ve no word on its price.

Source: Build Tiny

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