K9 GEN4 ‘hel-mutt’ protects action dogs

If your doggo wants to join the armed forces, law enforcement, rescue services, or just look badass while guarding the front lawn, Dark Systems has Fido’s back with its DarkFighter K9 helmet (hel-mutt?) GEN4 that combines protection and serious attitude.

We’re used to seeing soldiers, police, and even emergency responders showing up increasingly in what looks more and more like science fiction armor, but we sometimes forget that their canine partners need protection, too. Sometimes this can be as simple as booties to provide traction on slippery surfaces or protect paws from broken glass and other sharp objects. Other times they might be kitted out in full ballistic body armor and other forms of protection against a range of potential hazards.

One example of pooch protection is the DarkFighter K9 GEN4 helmet line recently released by Dark Systems. This modular headgear isn’t the first helmet for dogs, but it does combine modularity with light weight and comfort as well as compatibility with previous systems.

GEN4 can be fitted with LEDs
GEN4 can be fitted with LEDs

Dark Systems

The heart of the GEN4 is a resin helmet with wide goggles for better vision while protecting Rover’s eyes against everything from dust to lasers. On the helmet there are points to attach LED lights; a Princeton Switch Rail for strobes, cameras, loudspeakers, and other gear; and hearing protectors to defend against loud, sharp noises that can be swapped out for more sophisticated versions with radios to keep Fido in the loop. On the front, snout protectors or muzzles can be fitted to keep things friendly.

“Our focus at Dark Systems has always been on the end-user – the dogs who require the best protection available,” said a company spokesperson. “With the DarkFighter K9 Helmet GEN4 we have taken a significant leap forward in delivering helmets that not only protect our end-users but also enhance their operational capabilities. Every gram counts when it comes to the gear our K9s carry. Each feature is a demonstration of our commitment to innovation and excellence in providing the best protective equipment to those who serve.”

Source: Dark Systems

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