Kinetic work of art unfolds into 165-inch luxury TV

Last year, high-end audio-visual hardware maker C Seed unveiled a monster MicroLED model that was housed under the living room floor until needed, when it was raised and folded out for 4K entertainment. Now the company has launched a similar big-screen gogglebox, but this time the folding TV lives permanently above ground.

Like the M1 before it, the main frame of the N1 television rises from its resting position until vertical and then the five display panels fold out to form one huge flat surface. But unlike its older sibling, that aluminum base isn’t hidden away under the floorboards between viewing sessions, it’s two-tone matte beauty is designed to stand out as a kinetic living room sculpture.

“We operate on the top end of the high-end market,” said company CEO, Alexander Swatek. “Many of our clients collect art, all appreciate latest media technology, and all demand a visual quality that complies with highly refined interior design, be it classic, modern, or totally avant-garde. C Seed is proud to provide all that in one totally unique product that adds to the value of luxurious living spaces.”

The various stages of the C Seed N1 luxury TV
The various stages of the C Seed N1 luxury TV

C Seed

When upright and unfolded, the 4K UHD television can rotate 90 degrees left and right to match viewing needs, while Adaptive Gap Calibration technology makes the borders between the screen panels disappear to produce seamless big-screen visuals.

Features of note include 16-bit color processing, support for HDR10+ dynamic content, 1,000 nits of brightness, a refresh rate of 3,840 Hz, and 30,000:1 contrast. The display has also been treated to a surface coating to help reduce glare.

The system includes five HDMI ports, two USB, plus an Ethernet connection, and the base/stand under the expansive screen serves as an integrated 9.2 audio system with two 100-watt speakers.

The C Seed N1 will be available form Q1 2023 in 103-, 137- and 165-inch 4K versions, pricing starts at US$190,000. The video below has more.

C SEED N1 165 / 137 / 103” TV – The Sculptural Giant Folding Screen

Product page: C Seed N1

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