LG Uplus readies AI 5G optimisation push

LG Uplus readies AI 5G optimisation push

LG Uplus predicted benefits to its customer service and network investment planning as it prepared to commence a nationwide deployment of an AI-based 5G optimisation system.

The operator stated it began testing the 5G AI+ set-up in July: the system analyses big data collected from a specific wireless environment in real time to optimise service quality, while opening the way for automated adjustment of antennas, offering cost-reduction potential by reducing the need for manual changes.

In a translated statement, it said the system automatically adjusts the direction and angle of base station antenna installed on building rooftops to maintain optimal mobile service quality. It added the system can reduce radio wave signal interference and “help to prioritise future investments by automatically selecting regions that require additional facility investment such as base stations”.

Park Song-cheol, executive director of LG Uplus’ Technology Operation Group, said 5G quality will increase with the use of next-generation network technology supported by AI.

In June, the operator joined an AI research alliance led by rival KT and includes LG Electronics, which aims to create an open AI ecosystem, explore business opportunities and develop specialists in the field.


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