Lightweight Geo ebike takes just a second to fold up and in

A commute to work by ebike that involves hopping on and off trains or buses during the journey can be a whole lot easier if you can fold your ride. Madrid-based mobility company Ossby has introduced what’s sure to be an attention-grabbing pedal-assist ride that does so in a second.

Founded in 2011 and makers of the equally odd-looking Curve Eco and Curve Electric bikes, Ossby is launching the new Geo folding ebike on Kickstarter.

Where earlier Ossby bikes feature aluminum tubing, the Geo’s boxy frame is made from a composite of recycled fibers and plant-based resins, which is reckoned to be more eco-friendly and stronger. With the addition of carbon fiber forks, it also makes for a lightweight ride at just 11 kg (24 lb), while being able to support a rider weighing up to 110 kg (242.5 lb).

To fold the ebike for between-ride transport, the rider simply pulls up the hinged lower bar at the crank and is ready to roll along using the wheels in about a second, in a similar fashion to 2019’s Sivrac or BMW’s i Pedelec concept.

The Geo is folded at the crank and rolled along on the wheels
The Geo is folded at the crank and rolled along on the wheels


Five levels of pedal-assist up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph) are available from the Keyde S110 250-W rear-hub motor, and Ossby has also included a 5-speed gearset for flexible ride options. Powering the ebike is a frame-integrated Li-ion battery that could get you over 50 km (30 miles) of riding for every four hours on charge (or a couple of hours with an optional fast charger).

The company has developed an iOS/Android companion app as well, meaning the ebike can connect to a smartphone over Bluetooth and riders can dive into ebike data and power settings.

The Geo rolls on a 14-inch aluminum wheel to the front and a 16-inch rim at the back, both wrapped in tires rocking a reflective band for visibility in traffic, stopping power is provided by Promax hydraulic disc brakes, and it features Kootu folding aluminum pedals, integrated LED lights front and back, ergo grips. A kickstand and fenders are also included.

Kickstarter pledges currently start at €1,234 (about US$1,210) – a saving of 30% on the expected retail price. If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in June 2023. The video below has more.

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