Lightweight Swissrider ebike rides stealthy mid-mount motor

Swiss performance bike maker Thömus is now open for business at its new flagship Santa Monica store, and is celebrating the occasion with the launch of a stealthy, lightweight ebike called the Swissrider.

Thömus has designed the Swissrider as something of an all-rounder, which can be configured for city streets, gravel riding or light trails. It’s built around a carbon fiber frame, contributing to an ultra-light all-in starting weight of 11.5 kg (25.3 lb).

The press materials do claim this model to be “the lightest electric bike available” on the market though we have featured lighter models from the likes of TºRed and HPS. And of course the Swissrider seems positively overweight compared to the one-off Freicycle, but the new Thömus ebike should be a relatively easy carry up the steps to the office.

Ain't no hub drive here: the Swissrider features a mid-mount motor hidden in the frame
Ain’t no hub drive here: the Swissrider features a mid-mount motor hidden in the frame


It boasts a stealthy traditional bike look thanks to a maxon Bikedrive Air 250-W mid-mount motor that peaks at 300 watts, and is hidden within the frame. Riders can look forward to responsive pedal assist over three power levels up to 20 mph (32 km/h) thanks to the system’s torque sensor, there’s up to 40 Nm (29.5 lb.ft) of torque available and a 12-speed Shimano XT groupset is included for ride flexibility.

The specs show three battery options topping out at 426 Wh, though a 250-Wh range extender can also be optioned in and slotted in the bottle holder. No per-charge riding figures have been shared.

The Swissrider rolls on DT Swiss rims wrapped in 28-inch Schwalbe tires, stopping power comes courtesy of Shimano disc brakes, the handlebar sports an integrated LED light, and there are a couple of rear lights built into the frame. That handlebar lacks a display, but a control on the top bar allows for power level switching and battery status, and it can pair with a smartphone over Bluetooth or sync with ANT+ hardware.

The Swissrider ebike on display at the company's new flagship store on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica, CA
The Swissrider ebike on display at the company’s new flagship store on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica, CA


“The Swissrider is an ebike for life and is light enough to carry up the stairs and hang on the train without effort, yet with enough power to ride with ease,” said company CEO and founder, Thomas Binggeli. If that name seems familiar, that may be because Binggeli is also the founder of the Stromer brand.

The Swissrider is available now in four sizes and three color options for a starting price of US$5,750, and can be optioned with fenders, cargo rack, gravel tires and a drop handlebar. The video below has more.

Swissrider – the E-Bike for life

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