Liquid-filled guitar promises custom color change in minutes

Generally speaking, if you fancy treating your guitar to a new color scheme you have to break out the sander, brushes, paint and more. This can take a while and involves a good deal of hands-on labor. The folks behind Bryan Guitars sought another way, and after more than 30 years in development, the family business is now ready to share its liquid-filled guitars with players.

The DC Series of guitars is currently raising production funds on Kickstarter, and comprises two members available for backing – each rocking a liquid-filled body that can change color in minutes. The body in made of clear plastic and is hollow. Changing a color is undertaken by releasing the special plug on the lower rear edge, draining the existing liquid and refilling with a new color.

After overcoming stain problems in early prototypes, the designers have now developed a non-toxic, environment-friendly liquid that doesn’t permanently mark the inside of the body when removed. Colored oils are also available, allowing players to mix it up with psychedelic goodness. And there’s also the option to not fill the chamber up completely, for some wave motion surf guitar – though you’d better hope no-one at the gig gets sea sick.

Naturally, all of the instrument’s electrical components are kept well away from the liquid, and though the body lacks tone woods, those who tried it out at its NAMM show debut in January are reported to have been impressed by its full-bodied tone.

The body is made from clear plastic, with a hollow chamber that can be filled with colored liquid
The body is made from clear plastic, with a hollow chamber that can be filled with colored liquid

Bryan Guitars

Both guitars launched on Kickstarter have a glossy Strat-like double cutaway body fashioned from PETG and, though the original prototypes were quite heavy, the redesigned models come in at between 7 and 9 lb (3.1-4 kg).

The DC Standard comes with a maple bolt-on neck topped by either a rosewood or maple fingerboard with 22 medium frets. The neck and bridge pickups are both humbuckers, and can be active or passive. The nut is synthetic, there’s chrome hardware throughout, and a black or white pickguard is available. This flavor doesn’t come with a case, and pledges start at US$549.

The Elite model has a similar body, neck and pickup configuration but comes with a tremolo in place of a fixed bridge, more pickguard color options and is supplied with a locking case. Pledges start at $849.

All instruments will come with one color of liquid or oil, and presumably more will be available to buy direct from Bryan Guitars. If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in January 2021. The video below has more.

Liquid-Filled Guitar

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