Magnetic flashlights can go solo or unite to double the light

The Dynamic Duo “flashlight” is actually two flashlights – a wide-beam that illuminates a broad area, and a more focused narrow-beam. They can be used individually as needed, or magnetically joined together to form one dual-beam unit.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the Dynamic Duo is made by outdoor gear company Dapper Design.

For most usage scenarios, both flashlights are utilized in the standard Maximum, High, Medium and Low modes. On the wide-beam model, the outputs for those modes are 700, 350, 150 and 30 lumens, respectively. On the narrow-beam, outputs sit at 1,000, 500, 250 and 50 lumens.

That said, there are some situations in which the standard Low mode might still be too bright.

In those cases, users can switch over to the “moonlight” High, Medium and Low modes – these top out at just 5 lumens for the wide and 10 lumens for the narrow. In both standard and moonlight settings, there’s also a strobe mode that flashes at the respective flashlight’s maximum output (either 700 or 1,000 lumens).

Users switch between modes and settings via single, double or triple thumb-presses on a rubberized button on the back of each flashlight. That button glows blue when the battery is fully charged, red when it’s at less than 25%, and green when it’s being recharged. Runtimes have yet to be determined.

The Dynamic Duo additionally features a removable pocket clip
The Dynamic Duo additionally features a removable pocket clip

Dapper Design

So, what’s the point in not just making one dual-beam flashlight?

Well, the designers suggest that when separated, each of the flashlights could be used by a different person. They could also be separately stuck onto ferromagnetic surfaces such as car body panels, providing lighting in two different directions.

Additionally, if the user knows that they’ll only need a certain beam type for a certain task (such as paying a nighttime visit to the campsite outhouse), they can keep things simple by just bringing the light that’s required.

Backers can get one flashlight in each color, or both in the same color
Backers can get one flashlight in each color, or both in the same color

Dapper Design

The flashlights’ aluminum bodies are available in finishes of either hard-anodized black or micro-arc oxidized (MAO) white. “During the MAO process, the metal undergoes rapid and controlled sparking or arcing in an electrolytic bath,” Dapper Design explains. “This creates a series of micro-discharges, leading to the formation of an oxide layer on the metal surface.”

Backers can opt for both flashlights in one color, or one in black and one in white.

Assuming you don’t want to get just one of the flashlights – which would kinda be missing the whole point of the thing – pledges start at US$69 for a set of both lights. If everything goes according to plan, the retail price will be $99.

There’s more information in the following video.

DYNAMIC DUO Flashlight

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