magped announces a lighter but stronger magnetic mountain bike pedal

Back in 2019 we reviewed the magped Enduro mountain bike pedals, which keep the rider’s feet in place using magnets. Well, the Austria-based magped company has now announced a new-and-improved model, called the Sport2.

To recap our previous coverage, magpeds are designed for riders who want the advantages of so-called “clipless” pedals – such as increased pedalling efficiency, and less chance of your feet slipping off – but who still want to be able to release their feet from the pedals relatively easily.

Bearing those considerations in mind, each pedal has an upwards-facing neodymium magnet on its platform, which engages a corrosion-resistant flat steel plate bolted to the underside of the rider’s SPD-compatible shoe. When the foot moves straight up and down during normal pedalling, the magnet and the plate remain joined together. A simple outwards-twisting motion of the foot, though, causes the two to disengage.

While the the pedals were already considerably lighter and sleeker than their closest competitor (the MagLOCK), the Sport2 is said to be 56 grams lighter per pair – yet also stronger – than magped’s original Sport model. Along with the adjustable-height magnet (which is mounted on a polymer damper), each pedal also features a CNC-cut aluminum body, a chromoly spindle, and an improved three-bearing system.

Each magped Sport2 pedal measures 104 x 92 x 18 mm
Each magped Sport2 pedal measures 104 x 92 x 18 mm


They can be ordered in the buyer’s choice of three different magnetic strengths, as determined by rider weight. Depending on the choice of magnet, the pedals range in weight from 420 to 458 grams per pair, and offer up to 38 kg (84 lb) of pulling strength. It should be noted that unlike the Enduro model we reviewed, the Sport2’s only have a magnet on one side of each pedal.

The magped Sport2’s are available now via the company website – in color choices of dark gray, orange, green and pink – priced at US$115 to $130 a pair. You can see them in use, in the following video.

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