Maintenance with Simple Hand Movements: Easy Maintenance Solutions

Maintenance with Simple Hand Movements: Easy Maintenance Solutions

Seepex is systematically expanding its range of user-friendly maintenance solutions, which achieve sustainable reductions in operating costs and lengthen product life.

The pump manufacturer from Bottrop, Germany, thus demonstrates its leading role in intelligent products.

Seepex portfolio encompasses four different user-friendly maintenance concepts and offers customers different technologies to support the different pump operations.

The patented Smart Conveying Technology SCT for short, is already being used by many customers. Not only does it facilitate quick changing of the rotor and stator units; its integrated tensioning device significantly increases pump service life and reduces maintenance costs.

Smart Seal Housing technology is a supplement to the well-established SCT: it can now simplify drive-side maintenance work to SCT pumps. It offers customers the option of removing and servicing the mechanical seal and the whole rotating unit without a time-consuming dismantling of the suction casing and piping. This new solution reduces the workload to a few minutes, resulting in shorter downtimes.

Smart Seal Housing allows you to service drive end pump components quicker and easier than ever before.

The company has developed additional solutions, which simplify work to larger feed hopper pumps in particular. The patented technologies Drive Joint Access (DJA) and Rotor Joint Access (RJA) significantly reduce both drive-side and rotor-side maintenance time. DJA and RJA offer the customer two new technologies, which allow, just by moving detachable joint casings, to expose the drive-side joint or the rotor-side joint for maintenance.

“We are proud of the fact that we continue to find new solutions for making our customers’ operation and maintenance processes as easy as possible,” explains Christian Hansen, CTO of SEEPEX. “The key to our success lies in our close collaboration with our customers. We develop solutions for them that optimize their systems, increase productivity and reduce operating costs,” he adds.

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